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Silly Sheep is a collection of 5555 unique digital NFT collectibles roaming around the Solana blockchain. They also happen to be some of the most adorable NFT collectibles yet to hit the market.

Join our discord channel below to enter into our  giveaway competitions, where we’re giving away Silly Sheep NFTs, thousands of dollars in SOL, whitelist spots for our pre-sale, and more!

Checkout our roadmap at the bottom of this page to see how the Silly Sheep Brand plans to spread to all parts of the globe.

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Join our discord community where we’ll teach you everything you need to know about NFTs. Go from absolute beginner to total PRO! You’ll learn what NFTs are, why everyone’s talking about them, and how to get your hands on one.

Hand Crafted Ultra Rare Black Silly Sheep NFT
"The Black Sheep" - 1 of 25 Hand-crafted, ULTRA RARE Silly Sheep NFTs

Trait Rarity

Each Silly Sheep NFT was created with a rarity factor in mind. Over 170 custom-designed attributes [background, skin, bodywear, headwear, eyes, mouth, ears] were programatically combined in 5530 one-of-a-kind combinations. Some attributes appear more or less often than others, making some sheep combinations more valuable.

On top of this, another 25 Ultra Rare Silly Sheep were 100% handcrafted by our resident artist. If you’re lucky, you may just get your hands on one during the Pre-Mints and/or Public Mints.

Silly Sheep NFTs will be hidden with a generic image until after the BIG REVEAL, 24 hours after the public Mint, at which point you’ll be able to see which attributes your sheep was born with. So it all comes down to a luck of the draw!

A Cause for Animals

Nearly two years ago, Silly Sheep creator Manny Pachano befriended an imprisoned baby owl named Bubu with a string attached to its leg near his guesthouse. Despite efforts to flee, Pachano would regularly find it dangling upside down; eventually Bubu broke free and fled its confined living quarters.

“I asked the owners to not tie Bubu again,” Pachano shared. “I explained to them my point of view – how upsetting it was to see such a magical creature chained down and not able to live its life freely as we do. They understood and decided to let Bubu free.” Pachano went on to describe how “most mornings, around five, I awake to find her cozying up in her favorite spot in the tree by my bungalow, completely free.”

Beginning as an homage to baby owl Bubu, Pachano and his friend soon realized his NFT creation resembled more of a sheep. Alas, Silly Sheep the NFT was born.

“Silly Sheep NFT came to be – commemorated to helping abused, neglected and endangered animals around the world, something that I’ve been passionate about my entire life,” Pachano revealed. Silly Sheep will donate 2% of lifetime royalties to trustworthy and transparent social projects that aim to tackle these issues. 

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We've Partnered With ThriveIN

With over 18 years of experience hosting international networking events with top level creatives, ThriveIN has partnered with Silly Sheep NFT to bring our community of Shepherds once-in-a-lifetime opportunities to connect with leaders in crypto, NFTs, venture capital, fashion, music and more.

Events are hosted in some of the most prestine locations around the globe.


Mint your Silly Sheep here for 1.2 SOL
Updated Mint Date TBD

SHEEP MINTED: 150/5555


Silly Sheep NFT character with Wings


The Silly Sheep animated series is currently in production. One lucky shepherd will have their Silly Sheep NFT featured alongside a celebrity voice on one of our special episodes.

Silly Sheep


International Silly Sheep networking events hosted in beautiful locations across major cities around the globe. Silly Shepards enjoy free access and extra perks depending on how long they’ve held their Silly Sheep NFTs.

High-level Shepherds that are Herders and Sheep Whisperers will have extra perks and access to VVIP events that would be held around Cannes Film Festival*, GRAMMY Awards*, Tribeca Film Festival*, Coachella* and many others. Our events would also not be limited to land but to Yachts and Cruises. 
Cool Silly Sheep NFT character


Stake and herd your Silly Sheep NFTs on your very own digital farm space and earn $WOOL tokens. Grow your farm and interact with your sheep in fun ways.

Third Eye Silly Sheep NFT


We will create the Flock Fund and use 20% of total mint sales and 23% of all royalties towards the project’s growth and marketing with 100% transparency and open-source accounting.

Pixel Vision Silly Sheep NFT Character


Silly Sheep will be able to breed the next generation of Silly Lambs with new traits – Breeder Status is needed to breed.

Silly Sheep NFT Wizard


Silly Sheep will secure a space in the Metaverse to create Silly Park, a place for Shepherds to come together. Silly Park will include a nightclub, Silly Farm for meeting up with and checking out other Sheep, a shop for cool add-ons and trading, an amusement park themed from our Silly Sheep Animation, and more!

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Join our Discord to get whitelisted for the Pre-Mints, view the full Roadmap, participate in upcoming giveaway competitions, get access to exclusive crypto tips from our team of experts, and much more!

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Updated Mint Date TBD

Yes, 2 Pre-Sales | Must be on Whitelist to participate
–  1st Pre-Sale: 55 NFTs | Free + Transaction Fees
–  2nd Pre-Sale: 555 NFTs | 0.8 SOL

1st Pre-Sale: 1 Per Shepherd
2nd Pre-Sale: 15 Per Shepherd
Public Mint: 50 Per Shepherd

Phantom Wallet. Learn how on our Discord. 

Silly Sheep Core Team

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