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Silly Sheep is a collection of 5555 unique digital NFT collectibles roaming around the Solana blockchain. They also happen to be some of the most adorable NFT collectibles yet to hit the market.

Join our discord channel below to enter into our  giveaway competitions, where we’re giving away Silly Sheep NFTs, thousands of dollars in SOL, spots for our pre-sale whitelist, and more!

Checkout our roadmap at the bottom of this page to see how the Silly Sheep Brand plans to spread to all parts of the globe.

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Join our discord community where we’ll teach you everything you need to know about NFTs. Go from absolute beginner to total PRO! You’ll learn what NFTs are, why everyone’s talking about them, and how to get your hands on one.

Silly Sheep NFT Traits and Attributes
"The Black Sheep" - 1 of 21 Hand-crafted, ULTRA RARE Silly Sheep NFTs

Trait Rarity

Each Silly Sheep NFT was created with a rarity factor in mind. Over 160 custom-designed attributes [background, skin, bodywear, headwear, eyes, mouth, ears] were programatically combined in 5534 one-of-a-kind combinations. Some attributes appear more or less often than others, making some sheep combinations more valuable.

On top of this, another 21 Ultra Rare Silly Sheep were 100% handcrafted by our resident artist and will be put up for sale after the first 5534 Silly Sheep have sold out.

Silly Sheep NFTs will be hidden with a generic image until after the BIG REVEAL, 24 hours after the public Mint, at which point you’ll be able to see which attributes your sheep was born with. So it all comes down to a luck of the draw!


Mint your Silly Sheep here for 2 SOL on THURSDAY, JANUARY 20, 2022



Silly Sheep NFT character with Wings


We are in the process of creating a youtube animated series featuring Silly Sheep NFTs. One featured Silly Sheep NFT will be randomly minted to a lucky shepard during the Public Mint.

NYC Silly Sheep NFT character


International Silly Sheep hybrid in-person/live-streamed events hosted across major cities around the globe. Silly Shepards enjoy free access for as long as they hold their Silly Sheep NFTs.

Cool Silly Sheep NFT character


Stake and herd your Silly Sheep NFTs on your very own digital farm space and earn $WOOL tokens. The more Sheep you stake, the more $WOOL you earn. 

Third Eye Silly Sheep NFT


A percentage of royalties from sales will go towards 1. Brand building and NFT value building initiatives and 2. Donations to transparent charities whose values align with those of the Silly Sheep brand. 

Pixel Vision Silly Sheep NFT Character


Professionaly designed Silly Sheep merchandise will be available for Silly Shepards and beyond!

Silly Sheep NFT Wizard


1111 Silly Shepards will be airdropped an NFT from our future Silly Lambs NFT collection. 

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Thursday, January 20, 2022

There is no maximum to the amount of Silly Sheep that you can mint per transaction.

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